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Bryant, AR Pest Control

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Advanced Pest Control In Bryant, AR

Little Rock is a growing city well known for its larger bedroom communities, of which Bryant is an important part. Roughly 20,000 people live in this Central Arkansas suburb and commute back and forth to work without the stressors of big city life. 

Interestingly, Bryant has been growing exponentially for the past few decades, with the population rising almost 90% in just ten years. However, this exponential growth is not necessarily affecting just human beings. In fact, the pest population of Bryant, AR, is increasing almost as steadily as humans are. Today, rats, mice, and ants are even more numerous than this city’s inhabitants, creating risks for property owners all over the city. 

Home and business owners in Bryant trust Advanced Pest Control to mitigate their longstanding needs for pest control, prevention, and removal. In the pest control business for almost two decades, we have all the experience necessary to treat your home with care, pride, and skill. Investigate pest control opportunities with the team by calling our Bryant location now.

Home Pest Control In Bryant, AR

As the number of residential properties grows in central Bryant, so too does its pest populations. Rodents are finding new ways to infiltrate buildings and contaminate important food items. Roaches and ants are slipping into kitchens and pantries, making it difficult to treat or remove infestations. Perhaps worst of all, long-term pest activity may lead to chronic repercussions that affect your quality of life. 

At Advanced Pest Control, we believe that all homeowners deserve access to high-quality and affordable home pest treatments in Bryant at all times. We use a combination of products, placement, and precision to root out rampant pests and ensure your home is safe for years to come. 

Don’t wait to protect what matters most. Call Advanced Pest Control to establish a plan at your earliest convenience.

Commercial Pest Control In Bryant, AR

The pests in Central Arkansas are difficult to eradicate without outside help. Since our establishment in 2005, we have been dutifully monitoring commercial businesses for pests, both great and small. With our many years of experience, our commercial pest control plans have been thoroughly vetted, and today, we continue to offer the same high-quality services to all our Bryant customers:

  •   General Pest Control 
  •   Rodent Control 
  •   Animal Removal (Wildlife) 
  •   Bed Bug Control 
  •   Termite Services 

Let our team tackle your toughest pest threats plaguing your Bryant business. Submit an online contact form to get a no-obligation estimate right away.

Four Things You Can Do To Avoid Rodent Problems In Bryant, AR

Rodent problems occurring in the Bryant area are extremely difficult to control. Not only are they increasingly common in residential areas, but they are growing in size and scope as well. Many homeowners fail to understand the dangers associated with rodent activity and underestimate their destructive tendencies in the home. 

Below are four of the most important things you can do to avoid rodents around the Bryant, AR area:

  1. Seal up cracks and gaps in the house that could be allowing rodents inside. Keep in mind that rats only need a space the size of a quarter to squeeze into your home. Waterproof caulking is encouraged for both indoor and outdoor applications. 
  2. Store your food in plastic or glass containers around the lawn. If there is any food or water left on the counter, do what you can do clean up and disinfect the surface. All dirty dishes should be rinsed and removed from the sink as soon as possible. 
  3. Drain any standing water sources, specifically puddles, leaky pipes, clogged drains, or standing water. If you think additional repairs will be necessary, contact a local repairman. 
  4. Get ongoing rodent protection from the team at Advanced Pest Control. 

Submit an online contact form to receive a full rodent inspection at a time convenient to you.

Bryant, AR Homeowners Guide To Ants

Although ants are an extremely common problem for homeowners around Bryant, there are some things people can do to mitigate an ant presence on the property. Here are a few tips for home and business owners in Central Arkansas:

  • Keep all food and water cleaned up or stored in their proper containers. 
  • Do what you can to avoid overfilling garbage bags or bins. Remove filled garbage containers from the home and yard at least once per week. 
  • Continue to keep the yard extremely well-manicured. Remove all standing water, cut the grass low, and trim all bushes or shrubs away from the sides of the home. 
  • Add an additional layer of protection to your property by performing annual (professional) ant inspections. 

Schedule your inspection and a free home estimate over the phone with Advanced Pest Control. We are looking forward to taking your call at any time during our business hours.