Mice crawling

Rodent Control Services

Does it sound like someone is setting up camp in your attic or inside your walls? Knowing how to identify these rodents, eliminating their habitat, and relocating them is our specialty.

Call us for a FREE estimate and we'll take care of your rodent problem. We'll take care of mice, rats, opposums, squirrels and raccoons. Opossums and raccoons will be relocated by trapping and caging.

Why Choose us for Rodent Control?

  • Call-ahead appointments
    There will never be a "surprise visit" because we were in the area nor will there be an automated call telling you when we'll be there. We schedule appointments at your convenience.
  • Inside / outside treatments every time
    We schedule the appointments when you'll be home, so you don't have to call us back to treat the inside.
  • Clean, professional technicians
    We believe in looking and working first-class. All of our technicians are drug-tested and background checked. We wouldn't send someone to your home that we wouldn't trust in our own home. We also uphold strict appearance and professional standards on our technicians.

"Advanced Pest Control was the only company of all the ones I called that actually found the problem—the others just came in to try to sway me with a low bid or price. Since the others weren’t thorough with the initial inspection, I was sure they wouldn’t be thorough with the service. To me, quality service is always more valuable than a low-ball price." 

- Casey Skorpinski, Hot Springs Village

Man holding mice
Mice crawling
Mice inside hole
Mice and mouse trap


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